Shelter Tent Field Hospital Rapid Deployment

There is an increasing demand for medical facilities after the Coronavirus outbreak globally. Some cities started to use city buildings to serve patients, but they cannot meet needs. Consequently, governments and communities turn to the mobile field hospital as the rapidly increasing number of COVID-19 patients.

Shelter emergency tents perfectly serve as temporary hospitals, responding to the tens of thousands of infected patients. Also, they are ideal medical tents for testing, containment & screening COVID-19, and even medical warehouses in the logistic field.

Mobile Field Hospital & Medical Shelter

Materials: The mobile field hospitals, or medical shelters, are supported by a galvanized steel frame covered by the fabric membrane. Moreover, Shelter equips them with accessories, sandwich panel walls, insulated ventilation window. Consequently, all of these create a relatively comfortable isolation space for patients and medical staff.

Portability: Unlike concrete buildings, field hospitals can be easily dismantled and moved elsewhere. That is to say, all the medical shelters can be installed as many times when emergency accidence happens anywhere.

Clear-span Design: Due to its free-span design, field hospitals can provide more indoor space and allow changeable indoor design. Similar to traditional hospitals, they can be fully equipped with medical equipment in a timely manner.

What Benefits Does Shelter Mobile Field Hospital Bring?

There are a lot of benefits that emergency shelter can bring, here we just want to highlight a few of them:

1) Flexibility

Shelter understands that emergency shelter is not a “one size fits all” proposition. Therefore, our emergency shelter can change its capacity by easily shorten or extend its length.

2) Efficiency

Furthermore, Shelter medical shelters greatly shorten the total construction period because of all the materials are built off-site. Consequently, it is possible to install the isolation shelter for patients within 24 hours (6m×9m) following the installation instruction.

3) Safety

Last but not least, its sturdy structure and high-quality material guarantee safety while facing diverse weather, even strong wind or heavy snow.


ABS Solid Wall

ABS Solid Wall

◆ Temperature Control. It keeps field hospitals with the best temperature indoor for patients.
◆ Perfect Performance in Self-clean. Saving time to maintain the field hospital.
◆ Creates Extra Strength for Security.
Sandwich Panel Wall

Sandwich Panel Wall

◆ Superior Thermal Insulation. It keeps field hospital with best temperature indoor for patients.
◆ Fire and Corrosion Resistance. It guarantees safety in case of fire disaster.
◆ Modular Panel for Transporting Easily.
Insulated Ventilation Window

Insulated Ventilation Window

◆ Indoor Air Circulation. It helps to replace the air to provide high indoor air quality.
◆ Keep Insects Out. It provides an insect-free indoor environment.
◆ Keep Indoor Space Dry & Clean.
◆ Guarantee Privacy.


◆ Energy-Efficiency. This powerful light bulb saves electricity than other products.
◆ Easy Installation. It is easy to install and replace the light.
◆ Long Product Lifetime.



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