Inflatable Triage Tent For Hospital Entry/Exit Checkpoint and Disinfection

Portable Triage Tent Set Up In Hospital and Airports

As an enormous outbreak of Coronavirus (COVID-19) has broadly occurred around the world. In order to actively respond to the shortage of medical personnel, and to conduct the isolation and treatment in a more orderly and efficient manner.

In crowded public locations such as airports, supermarkets, pharmacies, and most importantly, hospitals and medical centers, it is critical to set up temporary triage shelter at the entry and exits to perform temperature measurement, swab collecting and testing to detect suspicious cases.
In addition to avoiding cross-infection, the triage tents are also for disinfection before going into the hospital.

Solutions of Emergency Triage Tents for Hospital and Medical Center

Inflatable triage tent for rapid response shelter solution.

The highlight of the inflatable triage tent is rapidly installed. Which can be set up within minutes. All you need to do is to expand the fabric and then inject gas with the pump that comes along with the products.

The portable mobile shelter comes in the 8 sizes as the table shows above.

Width Length Height
5m / 6m
(16ft / 20ft)
2.5m (8ft) 2m (7ft)
5.0m (16ft)
7.5m (25ft)
10m (33ft)

When folded, it could be put into a PVC fabric bag. Since the inflatable triage tent has NO FRAME STRUCTURE at all, it can not resist strong winds. However, guy wire could be installed to strengthen its performance to wind resistance.



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