Installation & Disassemble Guidance

Wanna know how to build a warehouse structure? Get tips from manufacturer.

Installation Video Of Inflatable Medical Tents

Inflatable Medical Tent Installation

For rapid response to the epidemic/disaster, Shelter has come up with the inflatable hospital shelter system for quarantine zone, triage area, drive-through testing, and swab collecting.

The mobile hospital without a solid framework can be installed within 10 minutes and without any restriction on surface conditions. This allows it to be set at airports, train stations, and around large communities to provide medical care. As well as preventing the virus from spreading even wider due to unnecessary movement.

Installation Video Of L Series Aluminum Warehouse

Warehouse Tents Installed Instruction

Shelter provide professional installation guidance to our customers. With the help of our construction team, a temporary tent structure can be set up within hours or couple days enabling you to continue trading bussiness during store refurbishment or extension.

Installation Video of G Series Military Tent

Military Tent Installed With Customized Tarpaulin

“Support you anywhere at any time” not only by our structures but also our top-notch services. We promise custom design, door to door timely delivery, installation instruction or problem solving guidance to your job site and flexible way of cooperation and payment.

Tensil Fabric Structure - Aircraft Hangar Installation Video

Installation Video Of Modular Aircraft Hangar

“Brilliant designs, selection of materials, exquisite workmanship and safety concern” is our basic requirement of our production. We developed our own superior enclosure system to guarantee an extremely weather resistant structure meanwhile maintain its elegance, mobility, multi-applications and to be the most cost-effective solution for all customers.


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